New Original Art: HNY2021


This is my New Year’s illustration for 2021, which will be the Year of the Ox (or Cow) in the Chinese zodiac. The uncensored version is available on my pixiv gallery, or my Fantia page. Well, the terrible year that was 2020 is nearly over and hopefully 2021 will be a lot better. It certainly couldn’t be worse, right?πŸ˜‹

New Original Art: XMAS2020

This is my Christmas illustration for this year. Uncensored versions (of which there are two) are available on both my pixiv gallery and my FANTIA page. I know there are a lot of people doing it tough in the world right now, but I hope this holiday season brings everybody at least a little bit of happiness.😊

New Original Art: Calling All Earthlings!

This is something silly I was inspired to draw after hearing about the secret Galactic Federation. It was initially going to be just a rough sketch, but I kept reworking it until it turned into a full-blown illustration.πŸ˜‹ Anyway, is anybody up for joining the Galactic Federation? I’d certainly be interested, if only to meet some cute alien babes.πŸ˜†

New Original Art: Sunbathing Mermaid

I’ve uploaded a new illustration, for mature people, to my pixiv gallery. I’ve also uploaded a larger-sized image of this illustration to my Fantia page which is available to supporters.😊