New Original Art: HLWN2022

Here it is, my illustration for Halloween 2022. As of late, I haven’t had much luck finishing any artwork, so I (once again) opted for something simple. 😋 Anyway, I hope that everyone gets lots of treats and not too many tricks this year. 😊

New Original Art: HLWN2021

The spooky season has come round once again and so here is my Halloween illustration for this year. This time I went for something a bit simple and a bit silly, but at the same time a bit sexy, which was inspired by the photographs of the Japanese photographer Garo Aida. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Just in Time for Halloween… Pirate Jill!

Yesterday (after midnight, which technically made it Halloween for me) I finally managed to complete the “Ghost Ship” stage in the “Raid Mode” of Capcom’s video game Resident Evil Revelations. As a result, I can now play as the dread pirate Jill Valentine! As you may be aware, I’m a big fan of Jill and yes, this is going to be a thoroughly self-indulgent post.😋

I’d completed the “Ghost Ship” stage on the 3DS version of Revelations a long time ago, but I do recall being envious of the fact that when Revelations was first ported to other platforms, it was going to have a pirate-costumed Jill Valentine as an unlockable reward. So last year in June, when I bought Revelations from Steam during a sale, I was happy that at long last I would to get the chance to play as Pirate Jill. Little did I know what I was in for. IT. WAS. HARD!😫

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