Welcome to Moe Dimension!

“When girls head for the stars, they are clad in bikinis, or skintight bathing suits made of cellophane or some other flexible and transparent substance. Even when they get out of their space gear they sport bare legs and bared midriffs. So who is it that would like to look at girls with very little clothes on? Why boys of course.”

The text above has been paraphrased from the book MECHANISMO (1978), by Harry Harrison, in which he discusses the reason for the differences between the space gear worn by girls and boys in the old space opera pulps. I did have it as a sticky post before, but I thought it would be better to put it here, on the About page.

I think Harry Harrison’s words reflect quite nicely what Moe Dimension is all about, which is fantastic fictional females; either those who sprang forth from my mind or the mind of other creative individuals. But Moe Dimension is not solely limited to girls. Maybe once in a blue moon I’ll create a post about something completely unrelated. Maybe.😉

Maruse Rino


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