New Original Art: VD2023

Here it is, my illustration for Valentine’s Day 2023! This is the “Silhouette Version”, so if you want to see the “Original Version”, you can do so by visiting my pixiv gallery. 😊

New Fan Art: Pretty Pussy Penny

I haven’t drawn any fan art for a long time, but I drew this piece to commemorate one of my old pieces of fan art being bookmarked five hundred times on pixiv. It is, of course, a drawing of several of the characters from Inspector Gadget (the classic 80s cartoon); namely Penny, Mad Cat, Dr Claw, Brain, and even Inspector Gadget himself. There is a slightly larger image available on my pixiv gallery, for those who are interested. 😊

New Original Art: HNY2023

The end of 2022 is nearly upon us, and as has been my custom for many years now, I have drawn an illustration for 2023 (the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac). Although this picture only features implied nudity, I have blurred out most of it, so if you wish to the proper image, you can do so by visiting my pixiv gallery.

As this will most definitely be the final post for the year on MoeDimension, I’d like to thank all those who have taken time to visit this blog in 2022, and I hope you will all have a great 2023! 😊

New Original Art: XMAS2022

I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for my traditional Christmas illustration, but here it is! Yes, it’s a naughty illustration this year (hence the blurring out). As always, if you want to see the original image (plus some even naughtier bonus illustrations!), you can do so by visiting my pixiv gallery. Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone! 😊