Although I can’t say I’m much of a musician, I do enjoy composing music. I especially like creating themes for my characters and stories. The purpose of such music is to one day use it in promotional videos on for my various projects, but that “one day” is still not here yet.😋 So, in the meantime, I thought I’d start uploading some of my music to SoundCloud, the German music site. CLICK HERE to go to my profile page on SoundCloud. Alternatively, you can check below to see what music is available there.


Vernal Equinox is a long, slow ambient piece of instrumental music, with brief vocals, but no actual lyrics. It is not actually from any of my current projects; it was made for a school project in 2009, so it’s about ten years old! This 2019 version has a few minor changes, one of which is the voice in it. The original used the voice of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, but this version uses the voice of Vocaloid MAYU. The two voices are very similar, but I am a fan of the singer behind MAYU’s voice (Mayumi Morinaga), so I prefer to use MAYU over Miku.

CLICK HERE to listen to Vernal Equinox on SoundCloud.