Moira Burton’s Sexy Tummy and Tattoos

I’ve been playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 quite a bit recently and I completed the Code Red Omega mission with the very cute Moira Burton just the other day, so in commemoration of this, here is a cropped screenshot of Moira during the ending animation sequence, in her Urban Ninja costume, of course!


Boy, that is one sexy tummy!

On the subject of Moira Burton, I’m intrigued by the two tattoos she has on her back. They look like kanji or Chinese characters, but I can’t discern which characters they might be. I wonder if anyone has any information about them? Below is a picture of the tattoos in question.

RER202Whatever they might be, as you can see, Moira has a sexy back as well. And for some reason I find that mole in between her shoulder blades strangely attractive!

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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