My TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam Entry

The inaugural TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam ended just over 24 hours ago; for those who do not know, TyranoBuilder is the name of a new visual novel creation software. I actually thought I may not be able to submit an entry at one point, but just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I got a dose of inspiration from watching a few episodes of one of my favourite TV shows from yesteryear. So thanks to that, as well as a great deal of effort and determination, I managed to more or less finish my entry with about three hours to spare, which I was quite happy about.

The title of my entry is A World Called Verendia. It’s basically a shortish tale of a girl named Alysia who suddenly finds herself in the fantasy world of Verendia and her subsequent quest to get back to Earth. You can see the title screen of my entry below. I originally wanted to make a proper game for the jam, but due to the little time that was available, I settled for a straight visual novel, which means it has no game elements whatsoever. But after all, one of the purposes of TyranoBuilder is to create straight visual novels. And this is in fact the main reason why I purchased it.

Verendia Title ScreenIf you are interested in reading this visual novel, unfortunately it is not currently available publicly, although I do plan to publish it on my website ( in the near future. First I need to work out how to do this properly, though. [^_^] This will be the first stage of my plan to introduce visual novels to my website, which up to this point has only had illustrations on it.

Anyway, the TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam is now in the judging phase. I’ll write another post about this jam after the winners are announced, at the end of October.

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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