My Thoughts On: “Monster” (Short Film)

Monster is a short film by Deerbear Films, a Canadian production company, which was released in 2012. As it states on IMDB, it is “a fable set in a pastoral post-apocalyptic time” and is centred on a girl who “draws the winning lot to feed a terrifying hungry monster waiting in the forest”. I stumbled onto this film via an image on Pinterest (similar to the screenshot below). For what is obviously a very low-budget film, I found it quite entertaining. It is beautifully shot and the costume design is excellent. It also has an interesting story, which held my attention all the way to the end. I’m not familiar with Jodelle Ferland, the young Canadian actress who plays Hannah (the heroine of Monster), but I thought her acting was of a very high standard. Monster is available to watch on Deerbear’s Vimeo page, so if you have a spare ten minutes, I certainly recommend giving it a shot!

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