My Thoughts On: “The Kin Fables”

Last week, whilst browsing Pinterest, I came across a quite magical image of a young girl in a white dress with a crown of flowers in her hair. The girl seemed very elf-like to me; a spirit of nature, as it were. It turns out that this image was a shot from a short film, created by two Canadian brothers, Seb and Ben McKinnon, The name of this film is simply Kin, and it is actually part of a larger project, known collectively as The Kin Fables.

The Kin Fables project encompasses a number of things, the most important of which is (to this point) a trilogy of short films. Kin is the first of these films; the other two are titled Salvage and Requiem. However, The Kin Fables also includes original music and a graphic novel (which I don’t believe has been completed yet). And as if that were not enough, the McKinnon brothers are apparently currently working on a full-length film, which will be based on the concepts from The Kin Fables.

I’m only guessing, but I assume that the full-length film will have a clearly defined narrative. The original trilogy, however, does not. To describe the three films as long music videos is almost unkind, but that is in essence what they are. They are a collection of beautifully constructed scenes, almost all of which play in slow motion, accompanied by stirring, poignant electronica. There is, of course, an underlying story that connects these scenes (which appear to be chronological), but without any dialogue it is left entirely up to the viewer to determine what it is. My own interpretation is that the girl is indeed a spirit of some kind, who represents childhood dreams. The protagonist (i.e., the boy, who is later shown as a young man) was once close to this spirit but at one point turned his back on her (and as a consequence, his childhood). But there is a lot more going on in the films, so maybe my interpretation is overly simplistic!

Overall, I found The Kin Fables trilogy a real pleasure to watch. If you, like me, are a fan of vivid fantasy imagery (like that of the 1980s film Legend, for example), as well as electronica, I highly recommend it!

If you are interested in watching The Kin Fables, you can do so on Vimeo. Alternatively, you can visit The Kin Fables website, which has several bits of interesting information on The Kin Fables project.

My Thoughts On: “Monster” (Short Film)

Monster is a short film by Deerbear Films, a Canadian production company, which was released in 2012. As it states on IMDB, it is “a fable set in a pastoral post-apocalyptic time” and is centred on a girl who “draws the winning lot to feed a terrifying hungry monster waiting in the forest”. I stumbled onto this film via an image on Pinterest (similar to the screenshot below). For what is obviously a very low-budget film, I found it quite entertaining. It is beautifully shot and the costume design is excellent. It also has an interesting story, which held my attention all the way to the end. I’m not familiar with Jodelle Ferland, the young Canadian actress who plays Hannah (the heroine of Monster), but I thought her acting was of a very high standard. Monster is available to watch on Deerbear’s Vimeo page, so if you have a spare ten minutes, I certainly recommend giving it a shot!

New Heroine Headshot: Félicie Le Bras from “Ballerina”

Here’s another Heroine Headshot. This time, it’s Félicie Le Bras, the heroine from Ballerina (AKA Leap), a 2016 French-Canadian 3D animated film. Ballerina is a tale about a Victorian-era orphan who goes to Paris in an attempt to fulfil her dream of joining the prestigious Paris Opera as a dancer. I’ve been aware of Ballerina for quite a while, and I thought it looked like a fun film, but when I finally saw it for the first time a few days ago, I was quite impressed. It’s a beautifully animated film, and its art style and humour reminded me quite a lot of bande dessinées (i.e. Franco-Belgian comics, such as Asterix), which I’ve always been a fan of. It does have a few modern pop songs in it, which I found a bit jarring, but that is my one and only gripe. Overall, I thought it was a great film, and Félicie, who is a bundle of cheerful energy, is simply adorable.😊

Note: there seems to be a bit of confusion about Félicie’s family name, but since she is a French character, I chose to refer to her by the name she is given in the French version.

My Bae, in Her Beret

I’m having lots of fun playing the Resident Evil 3 remake by CAPCOM., staring my favourite game character of all time, Jill Valentine!😁

Featured Heroine: Deet

Deet (or to give her full name, Deethra) is one of two main heroines in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (a TV show produced by Netflix which serves as a prequel to The Dark Crystal, a film from 1982). She is one of many small, elf-like creatures (with wings, in the case of females) that appear in Age of Resistance. Her lovely voice is provided by Nathalie Emmanuel and her cute puppet is operated by Beccy Henderson.

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