YAVA! (BABYMETAL Song) — My Translation

Overall, the lyrics in YAVA! are a pretty straightforward, but they do appear to change point of view at certain times. The song starts off with the point of view of a confused individual (“They’re all the same”), but then it switches to someone who denies something is wrong (“It’s wrong! It’s wrong!” That’s not true). The chorus then goes back to the first point of view.

Oh, something important to note: in Japanese YAVA!  is written as ヤバッ!,  which is a truncated form of やばい and signifies trouble or danger. But since the title of the song is YAVA!, I didn’t change that part;  instead, I just added *Oh-oh* after every YAVA! that appears. Also, as far as I know, the Pa-rira parts don’t have any meaning, but the Pippopappo parts could represent a siren.

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