New Tribute Art: Running with the Demon

This is a piece of art I drew as a tribute to one of my favourite books of all time: Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks. Running with the Demon, which was first published in 1997, centres on Nest Freemark, a young girl in 90s America, who finds herself in the middle of a supernatural battle between good and evil. I guess it can be best described as a dark urban fantasy, as it has elements of both magic and horror. The story can get bogged down in overly-meticulous detail once in a while, but I think its great strength (which I believe is true for all of Mr Brooks‘ books) is its wonderfully fleshed-out characters, in particular Nest herself.

I’ve seen several covers for Running with the Demon, but as far as I’m aware, only one (from the Japanese edition) actually features a prominent illustration of Nest. I guess that is what initially inspired me to draw this mock cover. I did the rough sketch a few months ago, but I only finished it last week so that I could submit it to Shannara Con, an online event for Mr Brooks that took place last week, The organizers of Shannara Con asked people to send in fan art that would potentially be used during the con itself, but since I was unable to watch the livestream, I don’t know if my artwork was used or not.

Daily Heroine: Amberle Elessedil

Today’s Daily Heroine is: Amberle Elessedil, the elven princess from the 80s fantasy novel The Elfstones of Shannara, by Terry Brooks. The cover you can see is from the second volume of a 2007 two-volume edition released by Japanese publisher Fusosha. I dearly wanted to find out who created this gorgeous cover, but unfortunately I was not able to.☹

Based on what I’ve read of Mr Brooks (which admittedly isn’t very much), I can say his books do have some faults. There is, however, one thing I admire about him: he creates wonderful, compelling characters. And Amberle is a great example. She is a very feminine character: she is gentle, thoughtful and nurturing. She also displays endearingly human (or should that be elven?😋) emotions of fear and doubt (as do many of Mr Brooks’ characters). And yet she has an incredible fortitude, which allows her to overcome such negative emotions. All in all, a very likeable heroine.🙂

I’m always on the look out for new interesting and likeable heroines, so if you have a particular favourite, please tell me about her! Till tomorrow, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you.😊

The Shannara Chronicles

About a week ago, I came across something very interesting on Youtube. It was a trailer for The Shannara Chronicles, an upcoming American TV series based on the work of Terry Brooks and produced by MTV. Cue the NYCC official trailer.

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