Tales of The Destinies (BABYMETAL Song) — My Translation

I’ve said it before, but BABYMETAL’s songs always have a tricky part in them. In Tales of The Destinies, if you simply read the first verse from top to bottom, it seems very confusing. But this confusion arises because of the way this song is structured. You see, the vocals are evenly split between YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL’s lines on the one hand and SU-METAL’s lines on the other. YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL start the song off and they mostly sing the interjections ( I have no luck! etc.), while SU-METAL sings the main lines (The answer is always…). Therefore, if you look at the first verse as two sets of overlapping lyrics, things become a lot clearer. For example, on their own SU-METAL’s lines read: “The answer is always… Not n-not n-not here! Where’s the answer… Not n-not n-not n-not here!”. Makes sense, right?

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