New Heroine Headshot: Riyo Chuchi from “The Clone Wars”

So, here is another “Heroine Headshot”. Inspired by last week’s heroine (Yumi from Ulysses 31), I’ve drawn another blue-skinned alien girl, this time from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Riyo Chuchi is possibly the cutest of all the Star Wars babes that I know, so it’s unfortunate that she made only a handful of appearances in The Clone Wars. It would be nice if she could appear in future Star Wars media. And it would be even nicer if a figure was released of her, because I would love to have one!­čśő

New Fan Art: May the Fourth 2016

May the Fourth 2016I have uploaded this year’s May the Fourth fan art to Enty,┬áDeviantArt, Hentai Foundry and pixiv. On DeviantArt, only the normal version (pictured above) is available. On Hentai Foundry, only the nude version is available. On Enty and pixiv, both versions are available.

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Please note that only Enty has large images.

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!