A Little “Valaryn Syldanor” Update

Above you can see a copy of the final version of my latest novella (which I received earlier today), so I thought this was a good opportunity to post a little update on it. I’m pleased to say that The Diary of Valaryn Syldanor: A Simple Housemaid from the Freelands is now available from a number of places, such as Amazon, Book Depository and Kobo. I think most of these places allow you to read an excerpt from it, so please check it out if you are at all interested! 😊

News: “Valaryn Syldanor” Officially Released!

April 11 has arrived and my new novella, titled The Diary of Valaryn Syldanor: A Simple Housemaid from the Freelands, is now out! There are two versions available, the printed version and the digital version. At the moment, both versions are only listed on Lulu‘s bookstore, but they should start showing up in other stores in a few days’ time. In any case, if you are interested in purchasing this book, printed or digital, I recommend getting it from Lulu (as long as it this doesn’t end up costing you anything extra, of course), simply because that way, I get a bigger share of the profits!πŸ˜‹

To purchase the printed version of The Diary of Valaryn Syldanor from Lulu, please CLICK HERE.

To purchase the digital version of The Diary of Valaryn Syldanor from Lulu, please CLICK HERE.

Oh, and as you may have noticed, I decided to change the colours of the book’s cover. This was because I received some feedback that the original colours made the title difficult to read.😊

“Night of the Werewolves” Now Free from Amazon or Kobo!

I have some important news! It took a little while, but my webcomic Night of the Werewolves is now available as an eBook from Amazon for free! I was able to achieve this by following the advice of someone online, who said that if you made your book available on another website for free, you could ask Amazon to price match it, which is what Amazon did in this case. Of course, this means that Night of the Werewolves is also on another site, namely Kobo. Therefore you have a choice as to which website to download it from. They are essentially the same comic, but I did notice that the Amazon file is about twice the size of the Kobo file, so that may mean that the Amazon file is the better quality one, but I can’t say for sure.

OK, that was the important news. The other news is that Night of the Werewolves is now also available as a comic, from the print-on-demand publisher Lulu. The price isΒ  $20.00 (in Australian currency), which is expensive for a story that only runs for 34 pages, but at this price my profit margin is less than $4. From a business viewpoint, it would’ve been better to make Night of the Werewolves a completely B&W comic, because then the price would’ve been a lot cheaper. However, the colour red is integral to the story and it would look bland without it. In any case, I seriously doubt I will make any sales on Lulu, so I’m happy to put this down as a learning experience for the next time I publish a comic.😊

Below, I will put links to the places where you can get Night of the Werewolves.

  • For the eBook from Amazon US (free), click HERE.
  • For the eBook from Kobo US (free), click HERE.
  • For the comic from Lulu ($20.00 in Australian currency), click HERE.

Oh, I should mention that now that Night of the Werewolves is a free eBook, it will no longer be available here on MoeDimension. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊