Awadama Fever (BABYMETAL Song) — My Translation

BABYMETAL’s songs always seem like they’ll be pretty easy to translate, but something always pops up that makes you think, “Hmmm… Now what does that mean?”. Awadama Fever is no different. The tricky part is in the title itself: the word awadama. Literally, awadama means “foam bubble”. But it is also a brand of candy in Japan, produced by a company called Pine and Since the song mentions other types of candy, this must be what it refers to. So how to translate it? Well, if there was an equivalent candy in the West, I would have transposed awadama with it, but I don’t think one exists. Therefore, I’ve left awadama as is. It seems unusual to have a brand name in a song, but I suppose in Japan it might be now be simply a generic term for a particular type of candy.

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