Amore (BABYMETAL Song) — My Translation

I had thought that Amore was going to be pretty easy to translate but as it turns out, more than any other track on METAL RESISTANCE, Amore is packed full of beautiful, poetic language. As I’m sure you can appreciate, this makes it rather vague and therefore hard to understand at times: I probably ended up spending about as much time on Amore as I did on GJ!, mainly because I rewrote many lines several times. Even now, I’m not convinced I’ve got the translation down pat, but it goes without saying that I’m reasonably happy with it, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it. [^_^]

A point of interest is that in Japanese, Amore is subtitled 蒼星, which means “blue star” or “blue planet” and obviously refers to the Earth. This suggests that this song is just as much about the Earth as it is about love.

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