Happy Birthday Maureen!

December 30 is the birthday of the very lovely Maureen Flannigan. In case you don’t know, Maureen was the star of the American 80s’ sitcom Out of this world, where she played the role of Evie Garland, the daughter of an Earthling mother and an Antarean (i.e. alien) father, the result of which was that she inherited some really whacky powers, such as the ability to stop time by simply putting her index fingers together. And I had a big, big crush on her; like every other boy who watched OotW, I imagine.

To this day, I think Maureen is the only person I have ever sent a fan letter to. And here is my proof.

Maureen Flannigan

I’m not sure what Maureen is up to right now, but I do know she is still acting, which I am happy about. Anyway, I hope that she is well and that she has a very wonderful birthday this year.

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!