“The Secret of the Star-shaped Scar”

This is the page for my project titled The Secret of the Star-shaped Scar, which is a story-based web comic. I will be adding new strips at irregular intervals and they will appear in the gallery below, in order from oldest to newest.

The original idea for The Secret of the Star-shaped Scar (or The Star-shaped Scar for short) was for it to be a simple and, at times, quite light-hearted sci-fi adventure. But it has since evolved into a somewhat darker sci-fi thriller, set in the 80s, about a young girl who has lost her memories after an apparent accident. And since it is a thriller, it’s probably best not to say too much more about it, so as not to spoil the mystery. However, I will explain why The Star-shaped Scar is in colour, unlike Night of the Werewolves and The Extraordinary Tale of Princess Elycia of Elthora. The idea behind this is to make it resemble the cartoons from the 70s and 80s, which I grew up watching. Of course, for the sake of speeding up the production process, I’ve had to keep the artwork quite simple, but I hope that The Star-shaped Scar still conveys at least a little bit of that old school cartoon aesthetic. Indeed, it would be ideal if it gives readers the sensation that they are looking at a comic adaptation of an old TV show from yesteryear.

Maruse Rino