“The Extraordinary Tale of Princess Elycia of Elthora”

Welcome to the Project Page for The Extraordinary Tale of Princess Elycia of Elthora!


The Extraordinary Tale of Princess Elycia of Elthora (or Princess Elycia for short) is an epic space fantasy tale, which will be told in six distinct parts. The first part, which is titled The Naked Princess, is complete and I will soon start working on the second part, which is titled The Jungle Princess. So stay tuned! Oh, and be warned: this story features quite a bit of nudity!😋




Original Concept Art for Elycia

I have been a casual fan of pulp art for a long time, but in the last few years I have actually gotten around to reading some pulp fiction; that of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the well-known American writer, to be precise. Also, in the last few months, I have become aware of and greatly impressed by the work of Wallace (AKA Wally) Wood, the famous American comic artist. And so it was that about a month ago, whilst working on a pulp-style picture (see above), I came up with the idea of doing something which drew inspiration from both of these individuals: a Burroughs-style story (albeit one centred on a female character), coupled with Wood-style art. I have always felt an overwhelming urge to create characters and stories; the problem is I’ve never been able to find a way to satisfy this urge in a practical way. But I think this is may be the solution. Of course, combining words and art is nothing new. The difference in this case is that the story will take precedence over the illustrations. So rather than it being a graphic novel, it will be more like a “novel with graphics”, so to speak.