New Heroine Headshot: Félicie Le Bras from “Ballerina”

Here’s another Heroine Headshot. This time, it’s Félicie Le Bras, the heroine from Ballerina (AKA Leap), a 2016 French-Canadian 3D animated film. Ballerina is a tale about a Victorian-era orphan who goes to Paris in an attempt to fulfil her dream of joining the prestigious Paris Opera as a dancer. I’ve been aware of Ballerina for quite a while, and I thought it looked like a fun film, but when I finally saw it for the first time a few days ago, I was quite impressed. It’s a beautifully animated film, and its art style and humour reminded me quite a lot of bande dessinées (i.e. Franco-Belgian comics, such as Asterix), which I’ve always been a fan of. It does have a few modern pop songs in it, which I found a bit jarring, but that is my one and only gripe. Overall, I thought it was a great film, and Félicie, who is a bundle of cheerful energy, is simply adorable.😊

Note: there seems to be a bit of confusion about Félicie’s family name, but since she is a French character, I chose to refer to her by the name she is given in the French version.

New Original Art: Calling All Earthlings!

This is something silly I was inspired to draw after hearing about the secret Galactic Federation. It was initially going to be just a rough sketch, but I kept reworking it until it turned into a full-blown illustration.😋 Anyway, is anybody up for joining the Galactic Federation? I’d certainly be interested, if only to meet some cute alien babes.😆

New Heroine Headshot: Lio from “Barbarella”

Here’s another Heroine Headshot. This time, it’s a character from Barbarella, the famous French comic by the late Jean-Claude Forest. More specifically, it’s a character from the second Barbarella comic, titled Les Colères du Mange-Minutes (The Wrath of the Minute-Eater in English). Lio is one of the supporting characters in this story, who Barbarella first describes as “a girl who fancies little paintings.” She is on a mission for her father, the ruler of a city on another planet, to bring back a material vital to her city’s survival, and she relies on paintings to keep herself from falling into a state of depression. Despite this somewhat dark aspect to her nature, I found Lio to be an incredibly sweet character. And very pretty as well! 😊

New Original Art: Sunbathing Mermaid

I’ve uploaded a new illustration, for mature people, to my pixiv gallery. I’ve also uploaded a larger-sized image of this illustration to my Fantia page which is available to supporters.😊

“The Mandalorian” Poster of Ahsoka Released!

Disney+ have released a poster for the Star Wars TV titled The Mandalorian, featuring my favourite Star Wars heroine of all time, Ahsoka Tano, as portrayed by Rosario Dawson. Although I haven’t been watching The Mandalorian, I’m really glad Ahsoka has graduated from being solely and animated character, to a live-action one.😄