News: “Night of the Werewolves” Available on Amazon Again

To coincide with the release of my illustrated novella Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros, I’ve rereleased the digital version of my graphic novel Night of the Werewolves on Amazon. The whole idea behind Night of the Werewolves was that it would be a free story that would help people decide whether or not they wanted to read my other stories (such as Tristaria). So yes, it is currently free on Amazon (like it is on Kobo), but based on past experience, I have no guarantee Amazon won’t arbitrarily decide to start charging for it again. In any event, it will always be free on Kobo.

If you would like to get the digital version of Night of the Werewolves from Amazon for free, please click HERE.

If you would like to get the digital version of Night of the Werewolves from Kobo for free, please click HERE.

There is also a physical version of Night of the Werewolves, which is available from Lulu’s Bookstore for USD11.54. If you would like to get this version, please click HERE.

Incidentally, for this rerelease of the digital version of Night of the Werewolves on Amazon, I decided to create a new version of the cover. This version incorporates the Faerie-Gryphon Books branding, which is the branding all my books will feature from now on.😊

News: “Tristaria” Illustrated Novella Update 4

Well, after a frustrating couple of weeks, Lulu has finally approved my book, Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros, for Global Distribution. This means that (and I quote the email Lulu sent me) “it is on the way to Global Distribution retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.” They also state that It should be available on those sites in 2-4 weeks. As you can probably imagine, this makes me quite happy!😄

I will make another post when I know for a fact that Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros is on Amazon etc., but if you are interested in reading it ASAP, please don’t forget that you can buy it directly from Lulu right now.😊

Tribute Art: “The Witches of Karres”

One of my recent pastime activities is reading vintage novels, particularly sci-fi and fantasy novels, and when I find one I want to read, I try to get an edition with a cover that I really like. (Side note: I think one of the great things about speculative fiction is its covers, which not only serve to draw you in, but are also able to get your imagination going). However, there are times when the covers I come across are not particularly appealing. And then there are covers which do the story a disservice by not being truly representative of the work (which, of course, you can only find out by reading the whole book). In either of these cases, I tend to find myself imagining what a good cover would be, but I don’t normally go ahead and make one. In fact, the only time I recall actually making a mock cover was last year, when I made one for Terry Brook’s Running with the Demon (one of my favourite books of all time). Now I’ve done a second mock cover, only this time I have taken things a step further and made that mock cover appear as if it was an actual book.

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News: “Tristaria” Illustrated Novella Update 3

OK, so things haven’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped. The print version of Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros is now available on Lulu’s online bookstore (Yay!), but the process for making it available at other stores (such as Amazon) is proving to be a little bit tricky and at this point, I have no idea how long this process will take to complete. Also, I had assumed that I would be able to offer the print version as an ebook automatically (you know, by ticking a box somewhere). But apparently this is not the case, so now I will need to prepare the ebook version manually, so to speak. This won’t be difficult to do, but it seems a terribly inefficient way of doing things.

Anyway, I guess I should be happy that in one form at least, Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros is finally out! Click the link below if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the print version from the Lulu bookstore. This version is priced at USD 11.99 / EUR 11.99 / AUD 14.99 / GBP 10.99 / CAD 15.99.😊

News: “Tristaria” Illustrated Novella Update 2

I have finished proofreading (and correcting) Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros! This means that the February 1 release date is pretty much fixed. My only concern now is how smoothly the process for making a book available to the public will be. I’ve done it once before, but under slightly different circumstances, so I guess I’ll see what happens on Monday.😊

Oh, I promised a look at the interior of the book, so here it is…

Being an illustrated novella, Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros, has a total of 36 monochrome illustrations through out it, like the one of Tristaria you can see above. Incidentally, this particular illustration is actually the very first illustration in the story, so I guess it’s kind of a sneak peek?.😄

Well, I guess the next post on Tristaria will be on Monday, when it will be officially released! So, bye till then!