Official Trailer for Season 3 of “Hanna” Released

This is the first full trailer for the third (and final) season of the TV action show Hanna, starring the amazing Esme Creed-Miles. There has been at least one teaser trailer released previously. But being a teaser means, of course, that it didn’t really show much. This trailer. on the other hand, reveals quite a lot of intriguing story elements and overall I think it looks pretty exciting, Mind you, I thought the same about the trailer for the second season, and that, for me at least, ended up being a big disappointment. But I have my fingers crossed that Hanna will end with a bang!😆

The third season of Hanna is due to be released on November 24 on Amazon Prime Video.

Two Faces of Claire Redfield

The long awaited Resident Evil 2 remake was announced a couple of weeks ago at E3 2018, but this trailer (which was shown there) has only just been added to the official Resident Evil YouTube channel. It’s kind of a reveal trailer, as it is not immediately clear what it is about at the start. And while the other trailers that have been released thus far show more actual gameplay, I find this trailer particularly interesting because you get to see a fair bit of Claire Redfield in it.

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