Teaser for “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” Released!

This is a teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a “CG anime series” by CAPCOM, which will be available on Netflix sometime in 2021. Unless CAPCOM is holding back a surprise or two, it looks pretty certain that this series will feature Resident Evil regulars Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, both of who made their debut in Resident Evil 2. Personally, I think Leon gets way too much attention in the Resident Evil universe, but I’m glad Claire is getting another opportunity in the spotlight.😊

Claire looks somewhat older (as does Leon, of course), so it’s safe to say that Infinite Darkness takes place many years after the events of Raccoon City and around the time of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 or Resident Evil 6. Other than that, though, it’s difficult to determine what Infinite Darkness will be about; I can only assume it will be something in the vein of previous Resident Evil 3D animations (such as the film Resident Evil: Vendetta from 2017), although the focus appears to be on horror rather than action. It’ll be interesting to see what information the next trailer will provide us with.

New Web Comic: “Night of the Werewolves”

This a teaser post for a new web comic (the first, in fact) that I will be publishing here on Moe Dimension. As much as I enjoy making illustrations, the truth is my main passion is storytelling. The thing is, though, that I’ve struggled to find the best way to present my stories. In the past, I’ve tried writing novels and comics without much success. Therefore, this time I’ve decided to try my hand at a web comic.

When I say web comic, I am referring to something resembling the adventure comic strips that appeared in the newspapers of yesteryear, like The Phantom, for example. So this won’t be a gag-based web comic, but a narrative-based one. In other words, an illustrated story, told in short snippets. I think this format will suit me quite well, as it will make production more manageable, as well as allowing me to prioritise story over art. Anyway, I think that’s enough build-up.😄 Here is a promo image I’ve prepared for Night of the Werewolves.

As you may be able to guess, this will be a dark fantasy adventure, leaning towards horror. Accordingly, I will post the first strip of this web comic on this coming Friday, which is of course Friday the 13th. After that, I will attempt to post new strips as regularly as possible, but because this is the first time I’m trying this, I’m not sure how smoothly it will go. In any case, this will not be a long story: it’s main purpose is to test how doable a web comic is for me. If I decide it is doable, then my plan is to start working on a longer story.

So that’s about it for this teaser post. If your interest has been piqued, please come back to Moe Dimension on Friday, although there will probably be other posts in the meantime. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊

Teaser for “Star Wars Forces of Destiny” Released!

Star Wars Forces of Destiny is an upcoming series of animated shorts set in the Star Wars universe that focus primarily on its female stars. This teaser shows quite a number of the characters that will appear in it, such as Leia Organa (from the original trilogy) and Jyn Erso (from the latest Star Wars film Rogue One), but for me the character I’m most looking forward to seeing in action is Ahsoka Tano, my favourite female Star Wars character of all time.😃

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