Miss Moe Dimension #003: Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine OTCTime for another Miss Moe Dimension! This character is another who I think many people will know, if only by name: Jill Valentine, one of two playable characters in the very first Resident Evil (which is known as Biohazard in its native Japan). As far as I’m aware, Jill has never officially appeared in a swimsuit, so the bikini she’s wearing is my creation; its inspired by Jill’s police uniform.

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Miss Moe Dimension #002: Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno OTCThis time’s Miss Moe Dimension is someone who I’m sure many will recognise: Ami Mizuno, AKA Sailor Mercury, from the hugely popular Sailor Moon franchise, which is still going strong after over 25 years. Continue reading

Miss Moe Dimension #001: Kathy

TC001OK, so here’s the first character to be featured in the new series of Miss Moe Dimension entries and she’s one of my all time favourite characters: Kathy, from the 1971 animated feature film Animal Treasure Island. As you can see, I prepared a special Miss Moe Dimension trading card for Kathy (and incidentally, I’ll be preparing one for all future Miss Moe Dimension entries). The bikini is my creation; in the film, she wears a blue dress and brown boots (see below). Continue reading