News: “Tristaria” Illustrated Novella Announcement

I teased a new novella at the end of last year and now I am ready to officially announce it. The title of this novella is Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros and it will (hopefully) be the first in a trilogy of standalone yet interconnected novellas. You can see an image of the cover below.

I have been working on Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros for many months now and it is 99.9% complete, so I have ordered what is essentially a paid author’s proof from Lulu, which I should have in my hands before the end of January. Once I have checked the proof and corrected any errors that I may find, I expect to release Tristaria on Lulu and Amazon in early February. I will provide further details soon!😊

News: “Night of the Werewolves” no longer available on Amazon

I’ve removed my graphic novel Night of the Werewolves from Amazon. It’s been available for free on Amazon for over a year, but in the last few months, Amazon has twice made it not free, without bothering to inform me of this. The first time this happened, I was able to have it changed it back to being free pretty quickly. However, now that it’s happened a second time, they’re dragging their feet for some reason. Anyway, I got tired of waiting for their response and decided it was just easier to unpublish it. But never fear; if you’re interested in reading Night of the Werewolves, it is available from Kobo (for free, of course).😊

News: New Original Novella Out in Early 2021!

This year, apart from working on Princess Elycia and The Star-shaped Scar, I’ve also been working on a few other things, and one of those things is an original illustrated novella, which I plan to release early in 2021. The image you can see above is a cropped version of the cover for this novella, which I finished working on yesterday. And what, you may ask, will the title of this novella be? I will reveal that shortly, along with a few other details.😊