My Translation: “Elevator Girl” by BABYMETAL

After what seems an eternity, today Babymetal released a new track, titled Elevator Girl. It’s a song that they performed a fair bit during the shows they did last year, but I hadn’t heard it until today. I don’t think it’s their best effort. It’s very poppy, but not as catchy as some of their big hits. Anyway, when I heard this new track was coming out, I decided I would have a go at translating it, just like I did with all the Metal Resistance songs (minus one). It’s pretty repetitive, which made the translation easy. A couple of things to note: italics designate English words in the original lyrics; square brackets designate additions I have made to better convey what I think the lyrics are saying. Continue reading

Happy Fox Day 2018!

Apart from being Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day today, it turns out it’s also Fox Day. If you are unaware, on this day in 2016, BABYMETAL‘s second studio album, Metal Resistance, was released and the idea of Fox Day was used to promote it. So to all the BABYMETAL fans out there, have a good day!

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This trailer was just released for BABYMETAL’s LIVE AT TOKYO DOME DVD and Blu-ray, which is coming out on April 12. It features the final two shows of BABYMETAL’s 2016 world tour: the Red Night concert, from September 19, and the Black Night concert, from September 20. The shows looked like they were amazing, don’t they? And that stage looks absolutely enormous!

There are four editions of this release; the fan club Blu-ray edition; a specially-packaged Blu-ray edition and two standard editions, one on Blu-ray and one on DVD. I think I’ll just be getting the standard Blu-ray edition.😋 Can’t wait to check it out!

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊