“Resident Evil Village” DLC Announced!

Earlier today, during the Capcom Showcase (a new online event by Capcom, the video game juggernaut) there were a number of Resident Evil-related announcements. Of those, the one about the add-on campaign for Resident Evil Village, the most recent entry in the Resident Evil series, was the one I found most interesting. Shadows of Rose, as this particular DLC is titled, is due to be released on October 28 this year, and it will feature Rosemary Winters (the daughter of the main character from Village), as its protagonist. Like the last couple of Resident Evil games, Shadows of Rose appears to be more of a psychological horror game than an action one, and although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this genre, I do think Rose is a very cool-looking character, and I think it will be a lot of fun to play as her.😊

Resident Evil 9 Mock-up

The last two main series Resident Evil games, namely 7 and 8, have both cleverly incorporated roman numerals in their titles, and this got me thinking about how Resident Evil 9 could also do this. This is what I came up with (in a very short amount of time).

Like a lot of Resident Evil fans, I think it’d be great if Jill Valentine could feature in Resident Evil 9, but in all probability, the protagonist will be Rosemary Winters (the daughter of the protagonist of 7 and 8), and the title of the game will begin with an X, like xenomorph for example. But we can always dream, right?

Official Trailer for “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City” Released

I must say, this Resident Evil film reboot looks promising. Although, in my opinion, it looks more like a TV series than a blockbuster film, it does seem to follow the plot of the first few Resident Evil games quite closely, which makes it infinitely more interesting to me than any of the Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich. Claire Redfield is apparently the central character, which is cool. I just hope that Jill Valentine gets plenty of screen time too. But I did not see any sign that Sherry Birkin will make an appearance. I really hope she does, because after Jill, Sherry is my favourite Resident Evil character.😊

Also, you may have noticed at the end of the trailer that Talenthouse is having a fan art contest for this movie. The deadline is now less than two weeks away, and there are a raft of conditions to take into account, but since I’m such a big Resident Evil fan, I really would like to submit something to this competition.😄

My Bae, in Her Beret

I’m having lots of fun playing the Resident Evil 3 remake by CAPCOM., staring my favourite game character of all time, Jill Valentine!😁

Featured Heroine: Sherry Birkin

Of all the Resident Evil characters, my favourite will always be Jill Valentine. However, given the opportunity to tell the story of any character in the Resident Evil franchise, I would without a doubt choose Sherry Birkin. And this is in spite of the fact that I haven’t known Sherry for very long. I only finished playing Resident Evil 6 late last year and, more recently, I’ve been having fun with the Resident Evil 2 remake, both of which feature Sherry at different stages of her life. Before reading further, please note that this post contains some information that could be considered spoilers.
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