Official Trailer for “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City” Released

I must say, this Resident Evil film reboot looks promising. Although, in my opinion, it looks more like a TV series than a blockbuster film, it does seem to follow the plot of the first few Resident Evil games quite closely, which makes it infinitely more interesting to me than any of the Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich. Claire Redfield is apparently the central character, which is cool. I just hope that Jill Valentine gets plenty of screen time too. But I did not see any sign that Sherry Birkin will make an appearance. I really hope she does, because after Jill, Sherry is my favourite Resident Evil character.😊

Also, you may have noticed at the end of the trailer that Talenthouse is having a fan art contest for this movie. The deadline is now less than two weeks away, and there are a raft of conditions to take into account, but since I’m such a big Resident Evil fan, I really would like to submit something to this competition.😄

My TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam Entry

The inaugural TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam ended just over 24 hours ago; for those who do not know, TyranoBuilder is the name of a new visual novel creation software. I actually thought I may not be able to submit an entry at one point, but just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I got a dose of inspiration from watching a few episodes of one of my favourite TV shows from yesteryear. So thanks to that, as well as a great deal of effort and determination, I managed to more or less finish my entry with about three hours to spare, which I was quite happy about.

The title of my entry is A World Called Verendia. It’s basically a shortish tale of a girl named Alysia who suddenly finds herself in the fantasy world of Verendia and her subsequent quest to get back to Earth. You can see the title screen of my entry below. I originally wanted to make a proper game for the jam, but due to the little time that was available, I settled for a straight visual novel, which means it has no game elements whatsoever. But after all, one of the purposes of TyranoBuilder is to create straight visual novels. And this is in fact the main reason why I purchased it.

Verendia Title Screen Continue reading