New Tribute Art: Running with the Demon

This is a piece of art I drew as a tribute to one of my favourite books of all time: Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks. Running with the Demon, which was first published in 1997, centres on Nest Freemark, a young girl in 90s America, who finds herself in the middle of a supernatural battle between good and evil. I guess it can be best described as a dark urban fantasy, as it has elements of both magic and horror. The story can get bogged down in overly-meticulous detail once in a while, but I think its great strength (which I believe is true for all of Mr Brooks‘ books) is its wonderfully fleshed-out characters, in particular Nest herself.

I’ve seen several covers for Running with the Demon, but as far as I’m aware, only one (from the Japanese edition) actually features a prominent illustration of Nest. I guess that is what initially inspired me to draw this mock cover. I did the rough sketch a few months ago, but I only finished it last week so that I could submit it to Shannara Con, an online event for Mr Brooks that took place last week, The organizers of Shannara Con asked people to send in fan art that would potentially be used during the con itself, but since I was unable to watch the livestream, I don’t know if my artwork was used or not.

My Bae, in Her Beret

I’m having lots of fun playing the Resident Evil 3 remake by CAPCOM., staring my favourite game character of all time, Jill Valentine!😁

“Resident Evil 3” Remake Demo Out Now!

The remake of Resident Evil 3 (by CAPCOM) will be released in two weeks time, but a short demo is available to play now! I just finished it a few minutes ago, and boy does it look great. The devastated Racoon City has been beautifully rendered (if that makes sense), and, of course, Jill Valentine looks absolutely divine! I cannot wait to play the full game.πŸ˜„

Oh, by the way, I did like the meta-referencial posters in the demo…

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊

Daily Heroine: Princess Zelda

Today’s Daily Heroine is: Princess Zelda, from the The Legend of Zelda series of Japanese video games, for the most part produced by Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda series has quite a long history: there have been well over twenty games in it, the first of which was released way back in 1986. Princess Zelda has appeared in most of these games, often as a damsel in the distress, and her appearance has varied greatly over the years, from very cartoony, to tall and regal. In my opinion the best-looking Princess Zelda is the latest version of her, from The Breath of the Wild, which was released in 2017. The wallpaper you can see above is from this particular game. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but I certainly hope I will be able to one day.

I’m always on the look out for new interesting and likeable heroines, so if you have a particular favourite, please tell me about her! Till tomorrow, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you..😊

Daily Heroine: Yoko Tsuno

Today’s Daily Heroine is: Yoko Tsuno, the adventurous engineer from an ongoing series of “comics albums”, created by Belgian comic artist Roger Leloup. According to Wikipedia, The Yoko Tsuno series currently consists of nearly thirty albums (plus a novel), the first of which was published in 1972. Once again, this is a series I’ve only just scratched the surface of, but I find it quite appealing. Its art style and plots are very reminiscent of The Adventures of Tintin, which I’ve always been a big fan of. And that is not surprising when you consider that Mr Leloup worked for HergΓ© (Tintin’s creator) early in his career. So I guess Yoko Tsuno can be considered a spiritual successor to Tintin.πŸ™‚

The cover you can see is from the first album of the Cinebook edition of the Yoko Tsuno series, titled On the Edge of Life, which was first published in 2007. However, chronologically the first album is actually The Curious Trio. For some reason, Cinebook is publishing the series out of order.

I’m always on the look out for new interesting and likeable heroines, so if you have a particular favourite, please tell me about her! Till tomorrow, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you.😊