New Original Art: TB2022

July 7 is Tanabata, so don’t forget to make a wish!😊 Oh, and If you are wondering what Tanabata is all about, you can check out the entry for Tanabata on Wikipedia.

New Original Art: Elfette in the Misty Woods


I have a brand new original illustration up on my pixiv gallery. Please note that this illustration contains nudity.

“Resident Evil Village” DLC Announced!

Earlier today, during the Capcom Showcase (a new online event by Capcom, the video game juggernaut) there were a number of Resident Evil-related announcements. Of those, the one about the add-on campaign for Resident Evil Village, the most recent entry in the Resident Evil series, was the one I found most interesting. Shadows of Rose, as this particular DLC is titled, is due to be released on October 28 this year, and it will feature Rosemary Winters (the daughter of the main character from Village), as its protagonist. Like the last couple of Resident Evil games, Shadows of Rose appears to be more of a psychological horror game than an action one, and although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this genre, I do think Rose is a very cool-looking character, and I think it will be a lot of fun to play as her.😊