New Tribute Art: The Spook under the Starblaze

This artwork is a tribute to a character named Telzey Amberdon. Telzey, the creation of famed American sci-fi author James H. Schmitz, is a powerful psychic prodigy from the human-colonised planet Orado, and she appears in several stories in which her special abilities frequently get her both into and out of trouble. The scene I chose to illustrate is from a story titled Goblin Night. In this story, Telzey finds herself being hunted by a powerful beast known as a spook, which is under the control of an evil individual. (Incidentally, because of their appearance, spooks are also referred to as goblins, hence the story’s title.)

Although Goblin Night was originally published as a standalone short story, it was later incorporated into the novel-length version of The Lion Game. If you are into cool, sci-fi heroines having adventures akin to those you find in spy thrillers, I definitely recommend reading this novel. As well as, of course, Telzey‘s other stories!😊

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