News: “Tristaria” Illustrated Novella Update 2

I have finished proofreading (and correcting) Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros! This means that the February 1 release date is pretty much fixed. My only concern now is how smoothly the process for making a book available to the public will be. I’ve done it once before, but under slightly different circumstances, so I guess I’ll see what happens on Monday.😊

Oh, I promised a look at the interior of the book, so here it is…

Being an illustrated novella, Tristaria Volume 1: Of Palantaros, has a total of 36 monochrome illustrations through out it, like the one of Tristaria you can see above. Incidentally, this particular illustration is actually the very first illustration in the story, so I guess it’s kind of a sneak peek?.😄

Well, I guess the next post on Tristaria will be on Monday, when it will be officially released! So, bye till then!

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