Daily Heroine: Aya Brea

Today’s Daily Heroine is: Aya Brea (アヤ・ブレア), the very sexy New York police officer, who appears in a trilogy of Japanese video games produced by Square/Square Enix, which began with Parasite Eve (パラサイト・イヴ) in 1998. The picture you can see is a screenshot from the third game (The 3rd Birthday), which was released in 2010. I myself only ever got to play the first game, but I do hope I get to play the other two games one day. For one thing, I’d like to know more about the story of Parasite Eve.😁 For another, I want to see the famous shower scenes which both games have (although thanks to YouTube, I’m already quite familiar with them😋). Incidentally, I actually wrote a Featured Heroine post on Aya Brea in 2018. She is one of my top three video game heroines of all time, and at that time, there were was some indication that there might be a fourth game in the works. However, at this point nothing has eventuated.

Due to a heatwave that lasted for a few days, I’ve fallen behind in my Daily Heroine posts, but I plan to catch up during the following week. Till tomorrow, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you..😊

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