Featured Heroine: Deet

Deet (or to give her full name, Deethra) is one of two main heroines in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (a TV show produced by Netflix which serves as a prequel to The Dark Crystal, a film from 1982). She is one of many small, elf-like creatures (with wings, in the case of females) that appear in Age of Resistance. Her lovely voice is provided by Nathalie Emmanuel and her cute puppet is operated by Beccy Henderson.

In the last post I wrote on Age of Resistance, I mentioned that the heroines in it appeared to be no match for Kira, the heroine from the original movie. Well, now that I’ve seen Age of Resistance, I have to admit that I was wrong. Deet is every bit as endearing as Kira. Indeed, the two are very similar, with some differences. For example, Kira is, by necessity, very worldwise, while Deet, who has lived all her life underground and knows next to nothing about the upper world, is quite naive. So when the latter is forced to venture above ground, she is very much a fish out of water. But she faces each challenge that confronts her with such cheerfulness and positivity, that I’m convinced everyone who watches Age of Resistance will find her at least a little bit charming.

Deet has very quickly become one of my favourite female characters of all time (thus my desire to write this Featured Heroine post on her!). I think one of the great things about her is that she has strong traditionally feminine traits, such as being kind and nurturing. This contrasts with the other heroine in Age of Resistance, Brea, who is studious and quite knowledgeable but also headstrong, feisty and impulsive, which are traditionally more masculine traits. Of course, there is nothing wrong with such traits (I like many heroines that have them) but it seems to me that Brea-type heroines are all too common these days. Disney’s works are full of them. That’s why I’m glad that a more feminine character like Deet has been given the spotlight. And hopefully there will be more like her in the future.🙂

Despite being a very new character, there are already a few figures of Deet available. Funko has produced an action figure and a pair of their large-headed “Pop!” figures of her. I have actually bought the Funko action figure, but there’s a problem with one of her wings, so I was unable to take a photo of her for this particular post. Once I sort out the problem, I may make another post to show her off.

Now for my thoughts on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance itself. Overall, it’s an entertaining show with an engaging story. As someone who is only familiar with the original film and nothing else, it makes the lore of the world of The Dark Crystal a lot, lot richer. Also, the aesthetic is quite faithful to the original movie (thanks to the creative decision to stick to puppetry and not rely solely on CGI). And of course, it has a bunch of fun and interesting new characters, brought to life by a group of extremely talented puppeteers and voice actors. However, I didn’t like the fact that it was quite dark. Unlike the original film, I do not consider Age of Resistance suitable for all ages. Some scenes are unsettling, even for an adult like me. And keep in mind that this all plays out with puppets. If it was a live action show, it’d almost be like Game of Thrones at times. Another unfortunate aspect of Age of Resistance is the fact that it’s a prequel. So, as was the case with the Star Wars prequels, no matter how much the characters might strive for a good outcome, you know that it is impossible for things to end well.

At the moment, there are no signs that The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will get any more seasons and honestly I don’t mind if it doesn’t. This season had enough elements that lead directly into the movie to satisfy me. But it certainly would be interesting to see more of Deet, dark as her fate may be.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is out now on Netflix. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊

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