Happy Birthday Maureen Flannigan!

Today, December 30, is the 45th birthday of one of my childhood crushes, the lovely and talented Maureen Flannigan. In recent years, I have made it a tradition to commemorate Maureen‘s birthday by drawing a birthday-themed picture of Maureen as Evie Garland, the central character of my favourite 80s sitcom, Out of this World.

This year I have continued that tradition, but I have decided to draw something a little more interesting than a simple birthday-themed picture. I imagined what Out of this World would have looked like if it had been a Japanese comic. I believe OotW‘s premise and the wacky occurrences in it would have been right at home in such a medium. It’s a wonder then, that as far as I can tell, OotW was never shown in Japan. Anyway, this picture is based on the fifth episode from season 4, titled Evie’s Guardian Angel. An old enemy of Evie‘s father (who, by the way, happens to be an alien) comes to Earth to capture Evie and her mother. The Japanese writing at the top of the picture reads: “Evie the Half-alien Girl”. I imagine that in Japan, the original title would’ve been replaced with something more descriptive such as this. The Japanese text at the bottom includes the enemy’s full name and reads: “Krangle the Skull Basher Appears!”  Although I wanted this picture to convey a slightly serious mood, in reality OotW was a very light-hearted show.

Considering drawing likenesses is definitely not one of my fortes, I think this one isn’t too bad. But Evie did come out a bit small, so I’ll include a close-up of her below.  Incidentally, I only had a poor quality image to use as reference, so some details may be incorrect.

Well, this will probably be my final post for 2018. So till 2019 (which is only two days away), au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊

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