Poster for “Alita: Battle Angel” Released!

This poster for the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel film was revealed on twitter yesterday. Alita looks amazing, doesn’t she? I love her pose, her proportions and her expression. She’s perfect!😍 I was a little disappointed when Alita was pushed back to February (from its December release date), but seeing this poster has got me excited for it once again! Assuming this is the official theatrical poster, it’ll be great to see it in the cinemas soon. And it’d be great to see it on my wall one day, as well!πŸ˜„

A second trailer for Alita was released last month and a short clip from it was released only a few days. You can check out both below.

About the only thing that’s really new in either of these two videos is the revelation that Alita will feature “motorball”, which is a type of lethal race/sport in Alita‘s world. However, in the comics, “motorball” did not feature in the initial story arc (i.e. the story arc in which Alita is introduced), so it’ll be interesting to see what function it serves in the movie.

Alita: Battle Angel is out on February 14 in the USA. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊

2 thoughts on “Poster for “Alita: Battle Angel” Released!

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