Final Nissin “Youth” Commercial Released!

I actually didn’t think it would be this soon, but today (January 26), the final commercial in Nissin’s 2017 “Youth” campaign for their “Cup Noodle” product was released. And… it’s a bit of strange one.

This commercial doesn’t appear to be based on any particular book or manga, like the previous ones were. Instead, it is just a mishmash of various end of the world cliches that are common in movies in anime. There are several meteorite strikes (à la Armageddon?), a giant lizard-like monster (à la Godzilla?)  and a giant humanoid WMD (à la Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind?). And then at the very the end, there appears to be one last massive, world-obliterating meteorite/comet strike. All while a young teenage couple are having a bit of a flirt.😄

For those that are interested, here is shorter 15 second version.

It’s quite a spectacular commercial, isn’t it? But I do wonder if using an apocalyptic scenario really is a good way to sell Cup Noodles. Well, I suppose that in such a scenario, Cup Noodles would be a handy source of sustenance, considering that food would be in scarce supply. But maybe I’m overthinking this whole thing.😋

Anyway, that’s the end of Nissin’s “Youth” campaign, which had four amazing commercials in it. Unfortunately, however, Nissin only has their commercials on YouTube for a limited time, so in a few months, none of them will be officially available. Therefore, like last time, I’ll leave a screenshot here from this particular commercial, for posterity’s sake.🙂

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊


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