Trailer for “Alita: Battle Angel” Released!

Hollywood films based on Japanese material normally don’t really do a lot for me. Case in point: this year’s Ghost in the Shell. Occasionally, however, an interesting adaptation does crop up. Case in point: the film formerly known as Edge of Tomorrow. Now, I only saw this trailer for Alita: Battle Angel a short while ago, but it certainly seems to have a few things going for it. Christoph Waltz, who is a very talented actor, is in it and James Cameron, who has created some fantastic films in his long career, is one of the producers. And although I can’t say I’m a fan of Robert Rodriguez, as his previous films haven’t really been my cup of tea, the footage in the trailer sure looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Gunnm, or Battle Angel Alita as it was rebranded in America, is originally a comic series created by Yukito Kishiro that was first published in 1990. It is a classically-cyberpunk story of a female cyborg who is brought back to life after being found in a junkyard by a scavenger. She has no recollection of her past, but there is the hint that it was a dark one. I myself have been a big fan of Battle Angel Alita pretty much since it first came out. I bought quite a few of the English-language comics released by Viz and I even bought the subtitled version of the two-part OVA (Original Video Animation) from ADV Films. It’s still early days, but I’m hopeful this new film may be able to recapture at least part of the enjoyment I got from reading and watching Battle Angel Alita, all those years ago.🙂

And what about Alita herself? Reading some of the comments in YouTube (which can be a dangerous thing to do sometimes) it was clear that some people were put off by Alita‘s larger than life eyes. I personally think she looks great, as her features are very reminiscent of the original character, albeit with slightly shorter hair, perhaps? Anyway, oversized eyes are nothing new. Purikura (i.e. photo sticker) booths in Japan have had an eye-enlarging feature for a long time. In fact, I think people generally like large-looking eyes, so it’s entirely feasible for a cyborg to have been given an “idealised” set of eyes.

Alita: Battle Angel is out in July next year. I’ll certainly post more about it should interesting new details emerge, but till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😊

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