“Star Wars: Ahsoka” — My Impressions

Ahsoka BookYesterday I finished reading the new Ahsoka novel, titled Star Wars: Ahsoka, by Ms E. K. Johnston, so today I thought I write an entry about my impressions on it. As always, keep in mind that I am writing from the viewpoint of an adult. Also, I won’t be writing anything overly “spoilery”, but if you are someone who hates any kind of revelations, I suggest you don’t read this article until after you’ve read the book.

Now then, I’ll get straight into it.The cover, I must say, it is a bit bland. But that doesn’t really bother me. After all, the reason I was interested in this book in the first place was solely because it adds to the personal history of Ahsoka Tano. For me, Ahsoka is the best Star Wars character to have been created this century and furthermore, she’s (up to this point) my favourite female Star Wars character. Overall, Star Wars: Ahsoka was an entertaining read, but never quite a page-turner. I had hoped that the plot would be a thrilling galaxy-spanning adventure, covering many years of Ahsoka’s life, but unfortunately it is not; it’s pretty much equivalent to an arc on The Clone Wars (and perhaps Rebels, too, although I haven’t really been following Rebels). A new world is introduced, a crisis develops and, at the end, Ahsoka is caught in the middle of a terrible battle. The story does, however, get pretty dark at times; possibly darker than any other Star Wars story that I know. There are quite a number of deaths. There is also a rather graphic torture scene, which makes the one in A New Hope look like a friendly Sunday afternoon chat (almost). Furthermore, the ending is not what I’d call a triumphant one. But, as I said, it was entertaining and I certainly enjoyed finding out a little bit more about Ahsoka.

Now for a couple of interesting tidbits from the book. The first is the hint of a personal relationship: one of the characters obviously has a crush on Ahsoka and Ahsoka does not seem to be entirely unreceptive to this. But whether this relationship ever blossoms (or should that be blossomed?) depends entirely on whether the character in question turns up in any future Star Wars stories or not. The second is a scene towards the end of the book, where for a few moments Ahsoka seems to be partially, if not fully, undressed. That was unexpected and this scene really stuck in my mind.😋

Star Wars: Ahsoka is also available as an audiobook read by the voice of Ahsoka herself, Ms Ashley Eckstein. I think it’d be great to hear her read it; I will definitely try to listen to it sometime in the near future. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!😉

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