Miss Moe Dimension #001: Kathy

TC001OK, so here’s the first character to be featured in the new series of Miss Moe Dimension entries and she’s one of my all time favourite characters: Kathy, from the 1971 animated feature film Animal Treasure Island. As you can see, I prepared a special Miss Moe Dimension trading card for Kathy (and incidentally, I’ll be preparing one for all future Miss Moe Dimension entries). The bikini is my creation; in the film, she wears a blue dress and brown boots (see below).TC001++Kathy does not appear in the original Treasure Island, the book by Robert Louis Stevenson on which Animal Treasure Island is loosely based on. She is an original character created by Toei Animation (the studio which produced Animal Treasure Island) and although she only joins the story partway through the film, for me she is by far the most interesting character in it. She is incredibly brave and very pretty and I absolutely love her. In fact, in the ranking of my all-time favourite cartoon characters, Kathy is second only to one.

TC001+Being such a big fan of Kathy, it is disappointing that is there is next to no Animal Treasure Island merchandise available and certainly no official Kathy merchandise whatsoever, but considering that Animal Treasure Island was first released way back in 1971, this is understandable. The only Animal Treasure Island goods I myself possess are the North American DVD (released by Discotek Media in 2005) and a Japanese picture book (released by Fukkan Dot Com in 2015). My hope is that one day an official Kathy figure will be released, but unfortunately the chances of that ever happening are quite low.

That’s it for this entry, the first in the revamped Miss Moe Dimension series. I hope you liked it! Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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