“Miss Moe Dimension” Series to Return

I doubt anybody will be aware, but about two years ago on this blog, I started a monthly series of Miss Moe Dimension entries. The idea was that each month I would write about a character who I found moe (in the strict sense of the word; see below for more on this). Unfortunately, I fell behind pretty quickly in this endeavour: the series only lasted five entries before it went into indefinite hiatus. However, I never gave up on it entirely and now I’ve decided it’s time to bring this series back, in a revamped form.

So how exactly is it being revamped? I’ll still aim to write an entry every month, but unlike before I won’t be labelling them with the month they are published in. Instead, I’ll simply be numbering them. That way, if I do fall behind again (which is always a possibility), I won’t get stressed about it. And dare I say it, I may even be able to publish more than one a month from time to time. The major change, however, will be that I’ll no longer be using moe in the strict sense of the word. For those of you that may not know, the word moe in Japanese originally referred to the situation where a character, through their heartbreaking pitifulness, evoked a deep emotional response from viewers. You know, the kind of character who makes think “Oh, poor her/him! I wish I could do something for her/him”. The thing was, though, that these characters were, more often than not, presented as diminutive and large-eyed and this resulted in the word moe first becoming a synonym for the word kawaii (or cute, if you like), and then a word to describe anything that “rocks your boat”. Now, when I first started the Miss Moe Dimension series, I tried to stick to the original meaning of moe as much as possible: but unfortunately that severely limited the number of characters I could write about. So this time, I’ll be using moe in a broader sense: I’ll be writing about characters who I really like, for whatever reason. The final change is that I plan to present the new Miss Moe Dimension entries in a more exciting way, but I think I’ll keep the exact details of this under wraps for now. [^_^]

Incidentally, if anyone is curious about which characters were featured in the original Miss Moe Dimension series, I’m afraid they’ve all those entries been deleted. However, one of those characters will undoubtedly be returning in the revamped series, which is due to commence in October. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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