Tales of The Destinies (BABYMETAL Song) — My Translation

I’ve said it before, but BABYMETAL’s songs always have a tricky part in them. In Tales of The Destinies, if you simply read the first verse from top to bottom, it seems very confusing. But this confusion arises because of the way this song is structured. You see, the vocals are evenly split between YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL’s lines on the one hand and SU-METAL’s lines on the other. YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL start the song off and they mostly sing the interjections ( I have no luck! etc.), while SU-METAL sings the main lines (The answer is always…). Therefore, if you look at the first verse as two sets of overlapping lyrics, things become a lot clearer. For example, on their own SU-METAL’s lines read: “The answer is always… Not n-not n-not here! Where’s the answer… Not n-not n-not n-not here!”. Makes sense, right?


Tales of The Destinies by BABYMETAL
Music: Mish-Mosh
Translation: Me (Maruse Rino)

I have no luck!   I’m so unlucky!
The answer is always…
It can’t be helped!  There’s nothing I can do!
Not n-not n-not here!
That’s not it! This isn’t it!
Where’s the answer…
Not here! Not here! Not here! Not here!
Not n-not n-not n-not here!

Don’t worry   Come, we’ll be reborn
Count down
Let’s get it going
Set me free!

It won’t stop   It won’t end
The endless melody
We won’t look back
Now and Forever
It’ll be an eternal memory
THE ONE will be with you
We are The Destinies

It’s hopeless, right? No, it’s not hopeless!
No! No! No! No!
It’s impossible, right? No, it’s not impossible!
It’s a dream, right? No, it’s not a dream!
No! No! No! No!
Now’s the time, right? Yes, now’s the time!

Can’t stop me now   It starts now
The big chance
Let’s go for it
Get ready!

It won’t stop   It won’t end
It’s a journey without end
We are not alone
Now and Forever
That’s our destiny
THE ONE will be with you
We are The Destinies


The link below is for the site where I referenced the original Japanese lyrics from.


Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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