The 5th Wave (Film) — Impressions

The 5th WaveHere in Australia, The 5th Wave has had its run (at least in the two major cinema chains). I managed to catch one of the final screenings a few days ago and I decided I’d write a post about what I thought of it. Please keep in mind that firstly, these impressions are from an adult’s point of view, which is therefore not the viewpoint of the intended audience for this film and secondly, I have not read the source material (the novel by Rick Yancey), so I cannot comment on how this film compares to it.

I was fully aware that The 5th Wave movie had been pretty much panned by the critics; on Rotten Tomatoes it has a measly 17% rating! So, then; why did I choose to check it out? Well, it had Chloe Grace Moretz in it for one, who was absolutely amazing in the two Kick-Ass movies. Also, the character Ms Moretz plays, Cassie Sullivan, seemed appealing. Shannon Harvey, in his review of The 5th Wave for The West Australian, described Cassie as a “tough but fragile heroine you can cheer for”. I guess it was this quote, which I first read on Wikipedia, that finally convinced me it was a film worth seeing: I like this kind of character a lot.

OK, so now for my impressions. Overall, I thought it was an entertaining film, but it was nothing amazing. At the start of the film we see the gradual destruction of humanity in stages by mysterious alien invaders through the eyes of Cassie, an average sixteen year-old girl and then we follow her as she begins a lonely journey through a devastated city full of foes, on a quest to find her little brother. This is without a doubt the most interesting part of the film and Ms Moretz is great as Cassie. Unfortunately, though, when a romantic sub-plot is introduced later on, the film suffers somewhat simply because there is little perceivable chemistry between Ms Moretz and Alex Roe (who plays Evan Walker, Cassie’s love interest) and the ending does kind of test the viewer’s suspension of disbelief. However, taking the film as a whole, it’s not that bad; certainly not as bad as the reviews make it out to be. There is enough excitement in it to keep you interested.

The 5th Wave was obviously intended to be the first in a trilogy of films (based on a trilogy of books, two of which have been released), but right now I have not heard any news of a sequel in the works. Going by the reception this film got from critics, it would seem unlikely, but interestingly the film has to this point grossed over $100 million in world wide takings (this is according to Box Office Mojo). That means that people have been going to see it; perhaps fans of the novels. So I think a sequel is not completely out of the question and I for one would certainly be interested in seeing Cassie’s story continue.

So that’s it for my impressions on The 5th Wave. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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