New Fan Art!

New Penny, New Peril Pt1I have uploaded part 1 of a new fan art series (for mature people) to pixiv.

My pixiv URL:

Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

20 thoughts on “New Fan Art!

    • This pic is a little bit old, but if you click on the “Illustration Tags” link on my “Works” tab, you’ll find a “Penny” tag in the “12” section (as I have twelve Penny pics on pixiv at the moment). I hope this helps you find it, but if you still have trouble, let me know.🙂

  1. I did register and I am CyberGadget in the site (I am a fan of the cybermen which explains the Cyber part in the username)

    • Actually, another person contacted me through pixiv yesterday who had the same issue you do. In their case, they needed to change their user settings to make adult content visible.

    • Place your cursor over the “Setting” link at the top right corner and in the drop down menu that appears, click on the “user settings” link. “User settings” has options for viewing restrictions.

  2. Thanks for the help and I just thought what if penny worked for the cybermen and was a partially converted one talon would be in a lot of trouble

    • No problem, glad I could lend a hand. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the cybermen, so I’m not sure of the meaning of what you are saying about them. Sorry!😅 But I am a big fan of Penny. I really enjoy drawing pictures of her.

      • There’s always Wikipedia and YouTube that have answers the cybermen are considered the scariest doctor who villains

  3. I have found you on deviant art. And I would like to tell you that I also am a user. I am LuigioThePrime in deviant art and I am doing a fanfic crossover of IG and doctor who where the cybermen want gadget because of the gadgets and machinery implanted into him. Penny will end up becoming one of the cybermen since she rarely gets blown up thus making perfect use for her. I have finished part 2 of this crossover fanfic but I have not yet started part 3.

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