JFF 2015 Line-up!

The full line-up for this year’s Japanese Film Festival has been announced! You can view the list of films by clicking on the link below.


My pick for this year is Pieta in the Toilet (トイレのピエタ). I’m a sucker for a pure love story, even one that is obviously doomed from the very outset. [^_^] You can check out the trailer below, but bear in mind it’s only in Japanese.

I’m also interested in Princess Jellyfish (海月姫) and the case of hana & alice (花とアリス殺人事件). I’m familiar with both the manga and anime of Princess Jellyfish and judging from the trailer, this live-action adaptation seems faithful to the source material, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be a fun movie. As for the case of hana & alice, it’s a animated prequel to the 2004 live-action movie Hana and Alice (花とアリス), which in turn was born out of a series of Kit-Kit commercials, of all things. But it was an entertaining movie, with great performances by Anne Suzuki and Yu Aoi, who return to do the voices in the prequel. Here are the trailers for both of these films, but again, they are only in Japanese.

I’ll write more about these films if I have the chance to see them.Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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