Lego Set 75099 – Rey’s Speeder

As promised, today I’m posting a picture of the assembled model that I bought yesterday (aka Force Friday): Lego Set 75099 – Rey’s Speeder, from the upcoming The Force Awakens. Well, here it is!Lego Set 75099

Not a particularly good photo, I know, but I think you can get a good idea of what the model looks like. It’s actually not that small and it has quite a number of little pieces in it, which adds a bit of detail and definitely helps give it that Star Wars universe feel. The colour is attractive too. I’ll hazard a guess here and say that Rey’s speeder is in reality an engine from a larger craft that Rey has more or less stuck a chair on top of, so she can ride it. I certainly hope her speeder’s origin will be explained in the movie.

Here’s a shot of the model from the other side, which is the model’s plain side; the box art largely ignores it.

Overall, a neat looking model – with side panels that open (revealing a hidden treasure box or something of the kind) and two functioning laser cannons! The only downside for me and something which you might have discerned by yourself is that this model has a lot of stickers. Stickers can be a nightmare to put on and this model has ten of them. Yes, ten! I know that having printed bricks would make the model more expensive, but at the very least the control panel (which Rey is facing and which you can see in the second picture) should have been a printed piece. It was incredibly fiddly to put on and it ended up off-centre. But as I said, overall it’s a very nice model and a great addition to my (small) Lego Star Wars collection.

This Lego set comes with two minifigures: Rey and a baddie simply called Unkar’s Thug. Unkar’s Thug is a very dull-looking minifigure and I don’t find him/her (whichever is correct) at all interesting, but then again the reason I wanted to buy this set was for the minifigure of Rey. Here then is a close-up of Rey, wearing what appears to be a faint smirk on her face.

Lego Set 75099

Yes, a very cute minifigure indeed. The freckles are a nice touch. But does Daisy Ridley have such prominent freckles? I can’t say I’ve noticed them in the trailers. Maybe I’ll do a side-by-side comparison one of these days.

To finish up, here is an extreme close-up of Rey, but this time with her second expression.

Lego Set 75099

She looks kind of ticked off, doesn’t she? But she’s still cute! [^_^]

That’s about it for this post on Rey’s Speeder from Lego. Till next time, au revoir, arrivederci and may the force be with you!

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