Ib Karakore Box

I just received my Ib Karakore Box yesterday! I’m a big fan of Ib, but when it comes to official Ib goods, there are next to none, so I was pretty excited when I learned that this was coming out.

First of all, some of you may be wondering what Ib is. Ib is a Japanese adventure game created by kouri, which is available for the PC (and apparently for Macs too) as freeware. It is described as a horror game, but it’s not terribly frightening; spooky might be a better term for it. The plot revolves around a young girl, the titular Ib (pronounced the same as Eve), who along with her parents visits an exhibit of artworks by an artist known as Guertena,. However, she soon becomes trapped in surreal world filled with various scary apparitions based on these artworks…

It’s a great game, with an interesting story and characters, so I recommend it. An English version is available, along with some other languages. I’ll add relevant links to the bottom of this post, for those that are interested in finding out more about Ib.


This is the first time I’ve bought an item from Karakore (which I think stands for Color Collection) so I didn’t really know what to expect. The box is actually quite small: roughly 95 x 165 x 65mm.


As you can see, Karakore is a brand that specializes in trading figures (most of which are super-deformed or chibi characters). You buy a packet (which is what the little individual boxes are known as) not knowing what you’ll get. The Ib box has 8 packets and there are 8 figures in the series. If the boxes are packed randomly, as I believe they are, then it will be very, very hard to get the entire series with just a single box, but I can’t say for sure because at the moment I’ve only opened a single packet.


The Woman in Red is the name of this figure. She is one of the monsters that appear in the game. It’s a small figure but quite well made. However, it is not in anyway attached to the base. I would prefer that it was, but I guess this way you are able to display the figures wherever you like. Once I have opened the remaining 7 packets, I will upload a photo of all 8 eight of them. Hopefully Ib and Garry, the games’ protagonists, will be amongst them!(^-^)

Finally, as promised, here are some Ib related links:
kouri’s Ib website
vgperson’s English version of Ib
Karakore’s Ib page


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