Mysterious Girlfriend X Vol. 11


I have just finished reading the eleventh volume of Mysterious Girlfriend X by Riichi Ueshiba, which came out in Japan in February. So yes, it took me quite a while to get around to reading it, but nevertheless, I’m a big fan of Mysterious Girlfriend X. Although the premise behind it might be a turn off for some people (it involves saliva), at its heart Mysterious Girlfriend X is a really fun boy-meets-girl comedy and Mr Ueshiba’s artwork is beautifully textured. Having said that, however his latest drawings actually lack a bit of texture and he is instead relying more on tones (probably as a time-saving measure), but it is still great artwork. Also, I personally like the very 80s setting of Mysterious Girlfriend X. There are no mobile phones, digital cameras or computers to be seen anywhere.  As someone who grew up in the 80s, there is something reassuringly familiar about this kind of environment.


According to Wikipedia, the only English versions of Mysterious Girlfriend X are online versions, which is a bit of shame. The animated version however is available in English. If you are interested in Mysterious Girlfriend X and you are unable to read the comic, I recommend watching the animated version. The art style and narrative are faithful to the comic, the soundtrack is entertainingly quirky and Ayako Yoshitani does a great job as Mikoto Urabe, the eponymous girlfriend of Mysterious Girlfriend X. Oh, and as a bonus, the English dub is well done, too. I remember the days when English dubs were simply horrendous, but nowadays they are generally pretty good.

I’m surprised at the lack of Mysterious Girlfriend X goods available at the moment, but I guess this means that while apparently well-received in Japan, Mysterious Girlfriend X hasn’t been popular enough to generate much in the way of merchandise. But I keep hoping that one day at least a PVC figure of Mikoto will be released, preferably in her black bikini and brandishing her trademark craft scissors. And if you’re wondering what that is all about, you’ll just have to check out Mysterious Girlfriend X for yourself, won’t you?(^-^)


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